Artists for Conservation

Central Colorado Conservancy’s Artists for Conservation program supports local artists while the artists support conservation of the lands and waters that inspire them. Artists receive membership benefits, plus opportunities to participate in special artists’ events and exhibit spaces, where a portion of proceeds benefit the Conservancy’s work.

Contact Membership Coordinator Julie Richardson at for more information about the program, or download a Membership Form.

Thank you to our Artists for Conservation members!

Evelyn Gottschall Baker
PO Box 4504
Buena Vista, CO 81211

As a fused glass artist, Evelyn finds inspiration from the natural landscape and elements of nature with Chaffee County, noting that she will never run out of subject matter.

Laura Barton
Barton Design, INC
P.O. Box 1120
Salida, CO 81201

Laura is an oil plein air painter focusing on impressionist landscapes and native animals, who says that painting en plein air nourishes her soul and puts her immediately in the present moment. She believes the natural beauty that surrounds us everyday is vital to all of us in our connection to the earth and to ourselves: “Central Colorado Conservancy protects and preserves special places so that future generations have the benefits we enjoy today, thus nourishing souls for generations to come!”

Joshua Been
223 Wood Ave.
Salida, CO 81201

Joshua paints in the style known as Impressionistic Realism. “It’s a versatile yet challenging mode of expression through which the poetry of a subject is preserved and paramount,” he says. Through his work, he hopes to remind and inspire others to take time to see just how amazing this existence is.

PJ Bergin
Studio 126
P.O. Box 868; 126 1/2 F St.
Salida, CO 81201

PJ is a contemporary, abstract artist working with mulberry paper, natural beeswax, and calligraphy to create colorful textual artwork. Central Colorado provides many places for her to explore and clear her mind after a long day in the studio. While enjoying these areas, she is inspired by the abundance of color and textures in nature, which becomes the inspiration for her artwork.

Lisa DeYoung
439 West 2nd St.
Salida, CO  81201

Mountain Mermaid Studios offers inspiration to live life with a bit of create, play and thrive. Lisa (a.k.a. the mountain mermaid), believes that creativity belongs to everyone and that nature is the ultimate creative energy. To help inspire others unleash their wild creative soul, she has created the Daily Musings Journal, which provides a bite-sized space for simple daily creative practice. She also hosts Wild Soul Creative Painting Play Nights and other creative expression workshops.

Gail Franke
141 Crestone Mesa Dr.
Salida, CO 81201

An oil painter creating landscape and city scenes, Gail says that everything about Colorado inspires her work. “Everywhere I look, I see a scene I want to paint. The mountains, the rivers, the old trucks and buildings, and the fun town scenes!”

Thomas Franke
141 Crestone Mesa Dr.
Salida, Co 81201

A creator of contemporary and rustic timekeepers (clocks), Thomas’s timekeepers are inspired by the rustic buildings (barns, cabins, mine structures) of the area.  They also use the rusty, weathered materials found here.

Fay Golson
304 East 2nd St.
Salida, CO 81201

A mixed media artist, Fay uses her powers of imagination, respect for our worldly creatures, plant life, rock formations, and the mighty seas as major influences in her work.

Robert Gray
17150 County Road 362
Buena Vista, CO  81211

Robert crafts lathe turned vessels from Colorado Aspen trees (populus tremuloides) — a Colorado icon. When a large Aspen tree dies and is downed by the wind, it is his time to place steel to wood and create an Aspen vessel.

Fred Hubicki
217 Palmer St.
Salida, CO 81201

Fred paints plein air landscapes as well as the people in them. He works in oil on canvas. “The clear, clean air and the stillness of the high country nurtures my soul and inspires my art,” he says.

Sue Ann Hum
13405 County Road 261C
Nathrop, CO 81236

Primarily painting in oils, Sue Ann also uses watercolor and some mixed media to create her works. Central Colorado’s mountains, woods and streams touch her soul and release her creativity in a way few places ever have, she says. “While I don’t always use it as subject matter, it’s energy lives in all of my work.” She founded and hosts painting holidays in France — My Art Trip goes where Monet and Van Gogh lived and painted.

Nora Larimer
P.O. Box 845
Buena Vista, CO 81211
719-966-5185/ 719-221-9398

As a watercolor, oil, tiles artist, Nora has painted on location all over Chaffee County and beyond.  The drama and natural beauty found in Central Colorado is like no other, she says, with the changing skies, mountains, and seasonal wildflowers being definite highlights.

Julie Maas
3399 E. U.S. Hwy 50
Salida, CO 81201

A painter, Julie says being outdoors in Central Colorado inspires her to express in soft pastels how she feels when surrounded by nature. She enjoys painting landscapes, historic buildings, flowers and she is especially fond of painting pets.

Susan Mayfield
P.O. Box 506
Salida, CO 81201

A pastel and oil landscape painter, Susan says she is inspired anew every time she walks out of the house, takes a hike or drives down any road in any direction and observes the glorious landscape that surrounds us here in Central Colorado.

Lila McClellan
P.O. Box 87
Coaldale, CO 81222

Working in photos, oil paintings and pastels, Lila says she becomes one with the landscapes when she creates art, making time stand still. “My senses of sight, smell, touch and hearing are heightened by the pristine mountains and the flowing river where I live,” she says.

Jennifer Naylor
447 East 3rd St.
Salida, CO 81201

Jennifer creates repurposed clothing, glass beads and mosaics. She says that many of the colors in nature make it onto her work table and then into her colorful creations.

Doug Smith
11 Elk Trail
Leadville, CO 80461

Doug is Executive Director of the Leadville Film Commission. He is interested in receiving input and feedback from the creators the organization aims to serve.

Patti Vincent
536 East 1st St., Unit O
Salida, CO 81201

As an oil painter and printmaker, Central Colorado’s sights, sounds, and sunshine nourish Patti’s desire to paint and print.

Gary White
12896 Highway 291
Salida, CO 81201

An oil painter, Gary grew up in Colorado. Much of his inspiration for painting comes from the wildlife and open space Central Colorado has to offer, and he believes it is very important to conserve these resources.

Mary Hansen Wolfe
858 Crestone Ave.
Salida, CO  81201

An oil and pastel watercolor painter who focuses on landscapes and old vehicles, Mary says that our undeveloped outdoors feeds our souls: “The outdoors is the source for my creativity,” she says.

Sherrie York
1103 Airport Road  #C3
Salida, CO 81201

A self-taught relief printmaker, Sherrie enjoys employing the versatility and innate graphic qualities to celebrate the beauty of nature and to invite conversations about environmental issues.

Through the Artists’ Eyes — 2017

Conservancy Board Member Jeanne Herrick-Stare is coordinator of the Artists for Conservation program.

On Nov. 9, 2017, Central Colorado Conservancy celebrated its Annual Event and Fundraiser — the first with its new name and re-commitment to the work of “Protecting the Lands and Waters That Sustain Us.” It was the most well-attended and most successful Annual Event in the organization’s history.

We had another first on Nov. 9 in conjunction with the Annual Event: the Conservancy’s “Artists for Conservation” project had its first Art Show and Event, “Through the Artists’ Eyes – 2017.” Through Artists for Conservation, artists join together to support the care and nurture of the complex natural world around us. In return, the Conservancy welcomes the artists into membership and promotes their work. To date, we have 16 artist members (two very recently welcomed into the group). It’s easy and relatively inexpensive to join ($25), and we continue to welcome artists to our group.

Eleven of the artist-members brought their works to the art show on Nov. 9, and it was an amazing success. In this initial effort, we had $2,820.00 in sales of art works by member artists, 60% of which went to the artist, and 40% to the Conservancy. The 11 participating artists were Evelyn Gottshall Baker, Laura Barton, PJ Bergin, Fay Golson, Robert Gray, Fred Hubicki, Nora Larimer, Susan Mayfield, Patti Vincent, Gary White, and Mary Hansen Wolfe. To these participants in our first art show, here’s a tip of the hat! I thank you each! You enrich our lives with your art and your support.

Look for more events featuring the work of Artists for Conservation in the months to come. We are well-begun now, with the help of these fine artists.