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    5:30 PM-9:00 PM

    We are planning a great event with updates on recent accomplishments and another fun-filled silent auction. Purchase your tickets today!

    Rancher and land steward Sid Goodloe will be our featured speaker. For more than 56 years, Sid and his wife, Cheryl, have owned and operated Carrizo Valley Ranch, north of Capitan, in southern New Mexico. Its operation is a glowing example of how owner stewardship can produce success and results unimagined in some agricultural and conservation circles in the past.

    He and his techniques have been written about in many magazines and agricultural journals, including High Country News, where magazine writer Lynne Scarlett noted, “If Goodloe’s working ranch is the legacy he will leave his children, it’s also a strategy that is worthy of the American West, to save wild lands and wildlife, reconciling people and nature, economics and ecology.”

    Goodloe will expand on his philosophy and techniques of land and water stewardship that have earned him such acclaim during his address during the Conservancy’s Annual Event and Fundraiser on Nov. 9.