Ecological Restoration

Central Colorado Conservancy works with private property owners and local government owned parcels to help restore the ecological conditions on the land. Healthy functioning lands are important to everyone.

Much of our work focuses on restoring in-stream and riparian systems because of their significance for wildlife and watershed health. We also partner with many of our landowners who have completed conservation easements. In this way, we are taking the next step to creating a balanced ecological landscape.

Central Colorado Conservancy is helping ranchers with their long-term property management. We help link ranchers with the best practices being developed around the world to provide sustained grass production and healthy soil. This is benefits both the ranchers financial bottom line and the ecological integrity of the land.

For one of our largest restoration projects visit the South Arkansas Watershed Coalition page.

Salida Trail Restoration

Central Colorado Conservancy is working with Salida-area Parks, Open Space and Trails (SPOT), Greater Arkansas River Nature Association (GARNA) and the City of Salida on the restoration of the Monarch Spur, Striker and Milk Run trails. This includes:

  • Removing and controlling invasive kochia, Russian thistle and Russian olive
  • Restoring native grasses, shrubs and trees
  • Increasing suitable habitat for native birds and pollinators
  • Providing education to trail users and City residents about ecological restoration.

At Central Colorado Conservancy, we are excited to partner on this project and bring our restoration expertise to this collaborative effort. The Conservancy has loads of experience in range management, stream restoration, wildlife habitat manipulation, invasives control, and growing native plants.

If you want to learn more or volunteer in this project, email us at


Bald Eagle ©Jim Burns

Twin Lakes ©Raquel Wertsbaugh

Twin Lakes ©Raquel Wertsbaugh