Central Colorado Conservancy conducts a variety of educational programs. Our efforts focus on the following areas:

Conservation Easement Workshops

We typically hold one or two easement workshops a year for landowners. We cover the details of setting up a conservation easement including due diligence requirements, conservation values, tax benefits, and reserved rights.

Landowner and Technical Workshops

Workshops developed around a topic to give practical on-the-ground advice for landowners or individuals interested in conservation. We work with partnership with ranchers and landowners to bring the best management practices to Central Colorado.

Community Outreach

Central Colorado Conservancy is represented at various events and festivals in the region. We go to these events to deliver our conservation message. You might see us at local farmer’s markets, home and garden show, and other such venues.

General Natural History and Agricultural Programs

Each year we conduct natural history and agricultural programs for the general public. These programs vary by topic and are designed to be fun and educational. We are also happy to accept suggestions for future programs. We also from time to time conduct walks on selected conservation easement properties with the permission of the landowner.

Watershed Training

Central Colorado Conservancy monitors watershed health in Central Colorado. We use volunteers to help test water from various creeks and rivers. As part of this program, we provide training on using equipment and understanding watershed functioning.

Youth/School Programs

We work with selective schools when we have the resources to provide assistance. In the past we have worked with Buena Vista High School and the Crest Academy to help their students understand land conservation and watershed protection.

Nature Travel

Central Colorado Conservancy has organized several trips both domestically and internationally. These trips are both fundraisers and educational programs for the Conservancy. To see past and future trips click here. (Mark link to Nature Travel)

Film Festivals and Adventure Speakers

We are thrilled to bring some of the newest environmental and outdoor adventure films and programs to Central Colorado. In the past we have hosted the Wild and Scenic Film Festival and have brought prominent speakers to our communities.

American Badger

American Badger

Pika ©Raquel Wertsbaugh

Pika ©Raquel Wertsbaugh

©Raquel Wertsbaugh

Townsend’s Big-eared Bat ©Raquel Wertsbaugh