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Chaffee County’s natural beauty and rural character are an essential part of our identity and are among the main reasons people choose to live here and visit. Envision Chaffee County is a countywide effort to help maintain our natural resources, rural  landscapes and sense of community as we grow and prosper. We will develop a plan that charts a path forward to 2030 and beyond, to help preserve our best assets into the future.

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  • Sense of Community
  • Quality of Life
  • Rural Landscapes
  • Water Quality
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Recreational Access
  • Forest Health
  • Economic Opportunity


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Chaffee County’s population is projected to increase 31% by 2030 and 52% by 2050, according to the State Demography Office. Tourism could grow at a similar or greater pace as Colorado’s population increases by an estimated 3 million new residents, reaching 8.5 million in 2050. Join Envision Chaffee County to help develop inclusive and innovative solutions to the challenges of growth balanced with economic prosperity.

“We are already seeing an influx of both residents and visitors, and there are some real concerns about where things are headed. This is a challenge we can meet, to work together to maintain the things we value most.”

Chaffee County Commissioner Greg Felt

Chaffee County is surrounded by stunning scenic beauty. Our vast public lands and the Arkansas River are among our best assets, providing recreational opportunities for our residents and visitors. Unspoiled natural resources also support healthy forests, clean waters and abundant wildlife. Join us and discuss how to maintain these resources for our community and tourism economy.



The green fields and open views provided by working agricultural and other private lands contribute to our sense of place and community. They also support wildlife, local waters and local foods. Let’s work together to ensure this segment of our community and economy are sustained as Chaffee County experiences development associated with population growth.



“It’s easy to take these lands for granted because the county has been rural for a long time. But once it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Jeff Post, Salida real estate broker & Chairman of the Chaffee County Economic Development Corp.

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Find out how the project will achieve its goals and how to get involved in this planning initiative.

Visit the Envision Team Information page for upcoming meeting details, and to read and submit comments on the Draft Community Vision Statements crafted during our October work sessions.

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