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What is Envision Chaffee County?

Envision Chaffee County is a countywide, community-based initiative to identify what residents value the most, and to create a plan to maintain those aspects and features as the county grows and prospers. Whether it is healthy public lands, recreational opportunities, quality schools, rural landscapes or a welcoming small-town attitude, Chaffee County residents are offered the opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns about the future through the Envision initiative.

Chaffee County’s population is projected to increase 31% by 2030 and 52% by 2050, according to the State Demography Office. Join Envision Chaffee County to help develop inclusive and innovative solutions to the challenges of growth, balanced with economic prosperity. Envision is developing a plan that charts a path forward to 2030 and beyond, to help preserve our best assets into the future. The Envision Team’s hard work in monthly meetings held since September, plus input from a comprehensive community survey completed by more than 1,200 residents, has led to four exciting and forward-looking Community Vision Statements:

In 2030 and beyond Chaffee County will have …

• Healthy forests, waters and wildlife maintained in balance with outdoor recreation.

• A sustainable agricultural community and open rural landscapes with growth concentrated in and around towns.

• Community members able to live locally and benefit from an increasingly diversified economy.

• A friendly, supportive community where participation is encouraged and shared cultural elements connect us.

More than 150 people signed up for four separate Action Teams, to complete the hard work of understanding the challenges and root barriers of making each Community Vision Statements a reality. Each Action Team is focusing on one of the Community Vision Statements. Team members are meeting monthly through May to develop focus areas, brainstorm ideas and identify local solutions to the challenges of growth, and will produce a road map and implementation plan to help maintain Chaffee County’s most important assets as the community grows. Please visit the Envision Team Information page for more information on Action Team progress, and links to get involved in each team’s work.

More Information

Keeping the Country COUNTRY — Envision hosts a panel discussion on working agricultural lands with local ranchers Bruce Cogan, Brady Everett and Ken McMurry on Thursday, Feb. 15 from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Poncha Springs New Town Hall Center, to address economic and cultural challenges facing Chaffee County’s ranching community. Cogan, Everett and McMurray are multi-generational Chaffee County ranchers whose current operations focus on hay and cow-calf production. The community has said they value our rural character and ranchers say they want to keep ranching — this event is an opportunity to bring people together and figure out how to make it happen.



“There’s an energy around this project, it’s ballooning and the more that people get involved, the more excited they get.”

— KHEN’s Leslie Matthews during a Podcast with Envision Team Lead Cindy Williams. Download and listen to the first two in a series of stories on the project produced by the radio station.



News: Commissioner Keith Baker reflects on Envision Chaffee County’s potential. “I’m compiling a task list,” the elected official says as the project develops action plans on growth. Since signing off on a proclamation to convene the project in September with the two other BOCC members, Baker has attended every one of the nine sets of meetings that led the project to its second phase. Read the full February interview.



What’s driving this project? High Peaks Liquor store owner Mark Wakefield says he likes seeing the headlights coming over Trout Creek Pass into Johnsons Village on weekends. He appreciates the growing economy but says he agrees with locals who complain about associated changes. Read the full story about Chaffee County’s population growth projections, published in local newspapers in November.



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