Envision Chaffee County

Envision Chaffee County is a countywide, community-based initiative to identify what residents value the most, and to create a plan to maintain those aspects and features as the county grows and prospers. Whether it is healthy public lands, recreational opportunities, quality schools, rural landscapes or a welcoming small-town attitude, Chaffee County residents are being given the opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns about the future through the Envision initiative.

Chaffee County’s population is projected to increase 31% by 2030 and 52% by 2050, according to the State Demography Office. Join Envision Chaffee County to help develop inclusive and innovative solutions to the challenges of growth balanced with economic prosperity. We will develop a plan that charts a path forward to 2030 and beyond, to help preserve our best assets into the future.

Survey identifies community values, concerns

Envision Chaffee County conducted a survey in September and October that was taken by 1,203 residents. That’s about 6% of the population! Results say that residents value Chaffee County’s natural beauty above all else, followed closely by the community’s small-town feel.

When asked, “What do you love most about Chaffee County?” the words “mountains, “beauty,” “outdoors,” “community,” “natural” and “small town” were used the most frequently and by more than half of respondents. When asked, “What makes Chaffee County special?” 67 percent of respondents identified natural resources, friendly small-town culture, outdoor recreation and rural character/agricultural lands as the most important assets. These answers, along with additional community input gathered by Envision, will inform the future of the planning initiative.

Join us to continue this discussion! Everyone is invited at participate. The three-phase Envision project officially began in the summer of 2017 and will conclude in May 2018 with an implementation plan.

More Information

“There’s an energy around this project, it’s ballooning and the more that people get involved, the more excited they get.”

— KHEN’s Leslie Matthews during a Podcast with Envision Team Lead Cindy Williams. Download and listen to one of the station’s 2017 Community News Stories.



What’s driving this project? High Peaks Liquor store owner Mark Wakefield says he likes seeing the headlights coming over Trout Creek Pass into Johnson Village on weekends. He appreciates the growing economy but says he agrees with locals who complain about associated changes. Read the full story about Chaffee County’s population growth projections, published in local newspapers in November.




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