Envision – Housing & Economic Diversity Action Team

Goal: The team will create community solutions, programs and plans so that in 2030 and beyond, Chaffee County will have community members able to live locally and benefit from an increasingly diversified economy.

Context: More than 1,200 Chaffee County citizens surveyed indicated that the thing they are most concerned about when considering the county’s future is housing affordability and the availability of jobs that are non-seasonal and represent career opportunities. Housing affordability is a critical issue. Since the recession ended in 2011, housing values have risen 65% while household incomce increased 13%. The economy is healthy with a 3.4% job growth rate, compared to 2.2% statewide. However, there are opportunities to better support local entrepreneurs and business, attract young families, help retirees stay in the community as they age, and diversify new job opportunities to include industries in addition to tourism.

Community Resources: News articles and other resources to provide background and context for many of the issues under consideration in action-planning are available below. If you have additional information that would be of value, please send it to Cindy Williams at envision@centralcoloradoconservancy.org.

If you are a team member or a citizen interested in the team’s work activities, including shared working documents, meeting agendas and additional planning information, please visit and bookmark the team’s Civic Canopy portal.