02-Elk Bench Corridor – Buena Vista

Elk Bench Corridor – Buena Vista
Acres: 40.52
County: Chaffee County
Date Recorded: 9/30/03

This conservation easement was finalized on September 29, 2003 whereby 40.52 total acres was placed a conservation easement. This property is one of several that have become an integral part of the elk migration corridor that involves the 655-acre Heckendorf State Wildlife Area, the 357-acre Game Trail Conservation, and borders 200 acres of Bureau of Land Management and the United States Forest Service. This easement will serve to protect riparian areas, wetlands, open spaces, and agricultural and forest lands identified by the Department of Wildlife and LTUA. This particular landowner reserves rights to conduct ranching and/or grazing operations on the Property to include a home office within the building envelope, some forestry maintenance, normal repairs and replacement of improvements on property, non-commercial hunting, leasing, and well drilling.