17-Elk Bench Corridor – Buena Vista

Elk Bench Corridor – Buena Vista
Acres: 38.26
County: Chaffee County
Date Recorded: 12/18/06

This beautiful conservation easement (phase 1) was finalized in 2006 and has 60 acres of the most natural, scenic, open space and wildlife values that are wanted in a conservation easement. The landowners placed another conservation easement of an additional 60+ acres in (phase2) in June of 2007. Both properties lie on the western edge of the Arkansas Valley on the toeslopes of the Sawatch Range in Buena Vista near Trailwest. The properties have particular importance for American elk and mule deer, as it provides severe winter range and is part of a winter concentration area for both species. Suitable habitat is found on the property for 4 species of amphibians, 158 species of birds, including bald eagles, golden eagles, great horned owls and goshawks. Foxes, coyotes, black bear and bobcats have also been sited on this property. The Property is not open to the public but qualifies as open space because it will be preserved for the scenic enjoyment of the general public and as a wildlife habitat. Conservation of the Property, combined with the adjacent conserved lands, also helps create a buffer to existing development in this area.

Note: Other uses for the land can be determined by the landowner and placed in their own customized easement upon approval of all parties involved before the conservation deed is signed and recorded.