Strategic Plan

A 10-year Strategic Plan to triple our rate of conservation and
help protect the spirit of Central Colorado

Our unmatched quality of life is the reason people live here and visit the region. We cannot take it for granted. Many areas in the Colorado Rockies have lost their sense of place. We have an opportunity to grow differently, creating a healthy future to preserve what makes Central Colorado special.

Central Colorado Conservancy Has A Bold Vision To Protect 20,000 Acres Of Land In The Next Decade

How big is 20,000 acres?
The size of Browns Canyon National Monument.

The Conservancy is committed to identifying the most important lands that contribute to our sense of place, preserving our views, ranching heritage, habitat for wildlife and opportunities for recreation.

Preserve Land For Generations To Come
• Protect an additional 20,000-acres of wildlife habitat, agricultural land and open space
By partnering with private landowners, the Conservancy creates conservation easements that sustain and support traditional land uses.
These open lands are essential for our region’s wildlife habitat, spectacular views and access to recreation. The Conservancy also buys land when appropriate, often for outdoor recreational access.


Restore And Steward The Lands And Waters That Sustain Us
• Restore 4 miles of waterways
• Plant 50,000 native trees and shrubs
To protect also means to restore and take care of our natural resources. We keep the promise of perpetuity by making a firm commitment to landowners and the community to steward the land forever. A nationally accredited land trust,
the Conservancy is uniquely positioned to make this promise.

Connect Our Communities To Conservation
• Engage 3,000 participants in conservation every year
• Double membership to 600 households
• Increase volunteerism to 300 individuals
We build relationships between individuals and their land and water resources. Creating community around protecting and caring for Central Colorado is key to accomplishing our mission. We conduct programs that work with landowners, land managers and the public to foster stewardship of our resources. Together, we can create a legacy of conservation that protects our land and water, forever.


Raise Funds Needed To Carry Out The Strategic Plan Goals
• Attain $5 million over the next decade for Central Colorado Conservancy operations
• Triple the number of active donors to the organization
• Double the professional staff to develop additional conservation and community projects
Creating a sustainable, funded organization is key to tripling our rate of conservation. A firm financial base ensures that lands are protected, waters are restored, and our communities are engaged in conservation – now and into the future.