Upcoming Events

Central Colorado Conservancy’s Annual Event and Fundraiser took place Nov. 9 at the Chaffee County Fairgrounds. Thank you to everyone who attended our largest annual event to date. A huge thanks goes out to our sponsors:

BARTON DESIGN INC — A Full Service Graphic Design Studio owned by Laura Barton:

Since college, I had wanted to move West. When I moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania, I would tell people it was my very slow progression west. It took 31 years, but six years ago that dream became a reality when we moved to Buena Vista and then Salida. I feel so very fortunate to live in Chaffe County! 

I grew up in New Jersey surrounded by farms and fields. I spent my youth summers at 4H camp and at the shore. 

I think one of the reasons that I’m an en plein air painter is because I need to be outside! Natural beauty that surrounds us every day is vital to all of us in our connection to the earth and to ourselves. Central Colorado Conservancy protects and preserves special places in the Arkansa River Valley so that future generations have the benefits we enjoy today … nourishing souls for generations to come. And I am proud and honored to be a member of Artists for Conservation!

Having a proven 30-year track record of delivering exceptional graphic design and service in a competitive, discerning market, I am excited to help the Conservancy with their newsletter, ads, brochures and signage. Presenting a cohesive and consistent “brand” to the public will make a difference in how the Conservancy is intertwined in everyday life & importance to the people of the Arkansas River Valley.

VELY AGENCY, LLC — Having the desire to help individuals and small businesses in the Arkansas River Valley navigate, and perhaps better understand, the complicated world of health insurance, the Affordable Care Act, and Connect for Health Colorado, Chris Vely started Vely Agency, LLC in 2011. Since then he has helped hundreds of people in Chaffee County enroll in health insurance. The Vely Agency also helps folks by providing expert advice on life insurance, Medicare Supplement, Long and Short-Term Care and Disability Insurance. A fanatic of the outdoors, wildlife, preservation of our natural resources and open spaces, Chris is a member of the Central Colorado Conservancy:

I spent most of my childhood in the farmlands of Ohio, then the rolling hills of Chester County, Penn., running through cornfields, playing in the woods, and fishing in the streams and ponds. Sadly, now many of those wild spaces are gone … they’ve been turned into housing developments and corporate centers. I love Chaffee County and want to be a part of its preservation and responsible growth. That is why I’m a member of the Central Colorado Conservancy and why I think it was important for the Vely Agency to sponsor the Annual Event.

Thank you to our additional 2017 Annual Event & Fundraiser Sponsors:









There are currently no additional events but please check back soon or follow us on Facebook for updates about all of our activities.