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How is YOUR habitat?

Help create new habitat for the Burrowing Owl on April 30 by joining the Conservation Stewards, a land stewardship team working to improve the health of our local landscapes.

The volunteer team will construct an artificial burrow system on a Chaffee County State Wildlife Area to help promote better habitat for these gregarious birds. Contact Executive Director Andrew Mackie at andrew@centralcoloradoconservancy.org or 539-7700 to sign up.


Get ready to count species for wildlife habitat protection

Conservancy Board Member Svata Louda, left, Mary Cuyler and Board President Cindy Williams identify birds at the Russell Lakes State Wildlife Area in Saguache County during the 2016 Central Colorado Nature-a-thon.

The Central Colorado Nature-a-thon takes place this year from May 16-29. The Conservancy event is designed to help you get involved in identifying local wildlife species while raising money to protect their habitat.

Participants find as many bid, mammal, fish, reptile and amphibian species as possible in a 24-hour period during the designated week. Before they search, teams raise pledges and donations to support the fundraiser and competition. You can join an existing team or form one of your own.
Last year, Board President Cindy Williams’ team won the competition by spotting 127 different species in a day. The event raised $4,500 for our wildlife habitat programs.

“I’ve done bird-a-thons before and they are so exciting; the counting is fun and you can see so much wildlife that you’ve never seen before,” Williams said.

Searching for species can take place anywhere in the organization’s service area — Chaffee, Lake, Fremont, Saguache, Park and Gunnison counties. Competition among teams is rated in different categories, such as who found the highest number of species, as well as which team raised the most funds.

The Conservancy works on multiple projects that benefit wildlife, including habitat for lynx, moose, elk, bighorn sheep, black bear, cougar, waterfowl, raptors, songbirds and trout. The organization is especially focused on connecting protected areas together to maintain wildlife corridors, restoring rivers, and protecting wetlands and riparian areas.

To make a pledge or donation, and for details about how to participate, visit our event page or call the office at 539-7700.

‘The Illustrated Journal’ Field Sketching 101 Program with Sherrie York

Have you ever wanted to keep a nature journal or add sketches to your travel diary? A few basic observation and sketching skills can enrich your outdoor experiences and help you record your discoveries.

The Central Colorado Conservancy invites aspiring journal-keepers to Field Sketching 101, with renowned local artist and instructor Sherrie York. This workshop is part of the Conservancy’s new Artists for Conservation program. The workshop will run from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, May 13 at Boxcar Ranch, a Conservancy easement property located near Stone Bridge. This is a private ranch being opened to the Conservancy for this one public program.

The workshop is a fantastic opportunity to see a conserved property and learn new skills. Participants will learn more about the ranch and the conservation easement at the beginning of the workshop. Skills presented will include contour, memory and gesture drawing, as well as activities and approaches for filling the dreaded blank page.

Class participants should dress for hiking outdoors and changing weather. Bring sunscreen and/or a hat, water, a sketchpad at least 8”x10” and a #2 (HB) pencil, as well as a portable camp stool or pad to sit on. Bring insect repellent if desired. The class fee is $35. Drawing experience is not necessary and beginners are welcome.

Participation is limited to 12 people, age 16 and older. Registration is required; we expect to fill the workshop quickly. To register, email julie@centralcoloradoconservancy.org or call the Conservancy office at 539-7700. Specific meeting locations and details will be provided upon registration.

There are currently no additional events but please check back soon or follow us on Facebook for updates about all of our activities.