Envision Chaffee County

Photo by Scott Peterson / Marketing Director Chaffee County Visitors Bureau

Envision in Action!

Envision Chaffee County engages citizens to sustain and improve our quality of life and to create the future the community wants as the county grows. The effort is urgently needed. County population grew 5.6% in just two years from 2015 to 2017 and will continue to expand as Colorado adds an expected 1.5 million new residents by 2030. Declining forest health is also a critical issue, with increasing risk of severe fire and impacts from recreation.

Envision Chaffee County works with the community to deliver the Community Action Plan’s 40 programs and projects that address the county’s most pressing challenges. Download your copy!

Envision Community Action Plan projects were developed over a year of planning in 2017-2018, through the participation of 1,500 citizens, 4 local governments, and 72 non-profit organizations, businesses and agencies. Fifth-generation ranchers, new residents, students, and retirees – our community – is building a future based on common ground. Together, we develop a shared vision for Chaffee County’s future and are working to build that future!

Envision Accomplished!

View news and fun stories about how the community is creating a better future for Chaffee County by advancing the programs and projects in the Envision Community Action Plan.

New to Envision Chaffee County?

Chaffee County is a special place with clean air and water, beautiful landscapes, vibrant small towns, fantastic recreational opportunities and friendly people. Envision enhances our community’s ability to collectively create impact by taking action to sustain our quality of life as the county grows. Read more …

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