The Smith Property

Help protect a Cañon City gem!

A unique property on the outskirts of Cañon City is going to be protected in perpetuity through the efforts of the Smith family, long-time residents of Fremont County. The Smith siblings David, Lee Ann and Susan are donating a conservation easement on the family’s 8-acre, beautifully irrigated hay meadow, to prevent additional homesites and preserve this peaceful, scenic spot in the name of their parents, George and Dorothy Smith.

It is the family’s desire that in the future, the property will become a park with walking paths, wildlife habitat, gardening and local food production. The property, which is located along the Gold Belt Tour Scenic Byway on Field Avenue, provides a safe haven for deer, birds and other wildlife.

The Smith family is donating the conservation easement and the Conservancy needs to raise $10,000 to contribute to the costs of creating and stewarding this protected oasis in Cañon City. For more information about the project, contact Conservation Director Lucy Waldo at [email protected] or 970-901-1816.