Gifts of Real Estate

Donating Real Estate to Central Colorado Conservancy

©Andrew Mackie

©Andrew Mackie

Giving a gift of real estate to Central Colorado Conservancy can be a major contribution allowing us to achieve tremendous conservation success!

We will accept two types of real estate donations:

  1. Income properties
  2. Conservation properties

Income Properties

Real estate without conservation value can be extremely useful to the Conservancy as a resale property. Central Colorado Conservancy would sell such a donation to raise income for use in our conservation programs. Properties can include single-family homes, vacant land, condominiums or town homes, or commercial properties. The Board of Directors will determine the potential for resale before a donation will be accepted. If interested in a possible donation contact the Executive Director.

Conservation Properties

Real estate with potential conservation value can be donated to Central Colorado Conservancy with the intent the property remains as natural, agricultural, scenic, or historic lands. The Board of Directors will determine if a possible donation meets the organization’s criteria for such a property. Based upon agreement with the donor, the land can become a Land Trust preserve, placed in conservation easement and resold, or transferred to another like-minded land management entity. We will work with the donor to make sure their wishes are requested in perpetuity.

SPECIAL PROJECT –  Central Colorado Conservancy is looking for a parcel of land that can be used for farming and is between 30 and 100 acres. The property must have appropriate water rights to irrigate the land. We will use the property to lease out to new farmers for the production of locally grown food. Anyone interested in donating real estate meeting these needs please call the Conservancy to discuss at 719-539-7700.

Ferruginous Hawk ©Jim Burns

Ferruginous Hawk ©Jim Burns