Planned Giving

©Mary Cuyler

©Mary Cuyler

Legacy or Planned Giving

Central Colorado Conservancy welcomes planned gifts, which provide you the opportunity to ensure that the things you believed in and worked for in your lifetime are realized – even after you are gone. 

Share Your Vision

As with any gift, it is best to contact Central Colorado Conservancy to discuss your wishes and desires for your gift. By doing so we can help ensure that your wishes can be fully met.

We are happy to accept the following gifts:

  • Cash & Checks
  • Securities
  • Land & Real Estate
  • Personal Property for Conservancy Use
  • Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Retirement Plan Gifts

We also accept the following deferred gifts:

  • Bequests by Will or Living Trust
  • Life Insurance
  • Retained Life Estates
  • Life Income Arrangements
  • Charitable Remainder
Rufous Hummingbird ©Jim Burns

Rufous Hummingbird ©Jim Burns

Consider a gift that makes a lasting impact to land conservation. Here are some ideas of immediate or long-term gifts. For more information call the office at 719-539-7700

Gifts of Real Estate – Donating a parcel of land to Central Colorado Conservancy is the simplest way to make a gift of real estate while at the same time receiving significant tax benefits. Depending on the type of land, your intentions, and agreement from Central Colorado Conservancy, we could use the land as a preserve, resold with a conservation easement on it, or resold to provide income for Central Colorado Conservancy. We will also accept other types of real estate (homes, farms, commercial property, condominiums, or other properties) that we will use to generate support for land conservation programs while providing tax benefits to the owner.

Bequests or Living Trusts – Leave a gift to Central Colorado Conservancy in your will or in the form of a living trust. This can include real estate or other funds. Gifts such as these can reduce the donor’s taxable estate. A living trust is created during your lifetime and unlike a will, is not subject to probate.

Stocks and Mutual Funds – Publicly traded securities which have been held for more than one year are deductible at their fair market value on the date of the gift. There is no capital gains tax when appreciated securities are given to a qualified public charity, such as the Central Colorado Conservancy. Securities held less than one year and a day can be donated, but the deduction will be limited to the donor’s tax basis.

Donor-Advised Funds – If you have created a Donor Advised Fund, you can advise gifts to be directed to Central Colorado Conservancy.

Retirement Plan Benefits – IRA’s, 401-k’s, 403-b’s, and other pension plans or retirement accounts are a great resource for charitable giving. You can name Central Colorado Conservancy as a beneficiary of all or part of a retirement plan. The designated benefits are paid after the owner passes away. Because Central Colorado Conservancy is tax-exempt the benefits are free of income tax and the donor’s estate gets an estate tax charitable deduction.

Life Insurance – You can give an existing insurance policy, which is no longer needed for its original purpose, or create a new policy naming Central Colorado Conservancy as the beneficiary on the forms provided by the insurance carrier.

Cattle near Leadville ©Andrew Mackie

Cattle near Leadville ©Andrew Mackie