Ranches and Farms

The ranching heritage in Central Colorado goes back to the late 1800’s when food was needed to feed the swelling numbers of miners. Cattle and sheep ranching soon became the economic backbone of the region.

Central Colorado Conservancy is dedicated to supporting our ranching heritage. We work with ranchers to help them continue their operations and ensure they can pass it on to the next generation. Ranching requires tremendous physical endurance and smart business planning. We help ranchers find alternatives to selling their land for development. The Conservancy is also working with the ranching community in finding the best mix of management practices supporting their business and maintaining healthy land.

Today, we have a variety of ranching activities in Central Colorado including different types of cattle and other livestock. We also support local efforts to produce grass-finished beef helping the rancher keep a larger percentage of the income from selling their cattle.


Central Colorado Conservancy is working with like-minded organizations to stimulate the growth of local food production. We are taking the lead in finding creative methods to start up small farming operations in the region. Local food provides a level of food security for communities and connects residents to their food supply.

We are currently identifying a property to create a land and water base for existing or new farmers. The cost of land and water is often the greatest obstacle in producing food in Colorado Mountain Valleys. If successful, we would not only help increase local food production but also create an incubator for farming jobs.

If you support local food production and farming consider donating to Central Colorado Conservancy.

Colorado Land Link

We are a strong supporter of Guidestone Colorado’s Land Link Program. The Land Trust Executive Director is a member of the regional Land Link Committee. The Land Link program supports agriculture by connecting retiring ranchers/farmers or absentee landowners with the next generation of ranchers/farmers. We realize in addition to protecting agricultural lands today, we also must play a role in making sure there are capable and trained young ranchers/farmers to continue growing our food.

Black Angus Cow

Black Angus Cow

Local Produce ©Andrew Mackie

Local Produce ©Andrew Mackie

One of the Land Trust's Ranching Conservation Easements in Fremont County

One of the Land Trust’s Ranching Conservation Easements in Fremont County