Adam Beh

Adam Beh
Executive Director

Adam Beh is the new Executive Director for the Central Colorado Conservancy! Adam has relocated from northern Colorado, where he most recently served as Chief Conservation Officer for Bird Conservancy of the Rockies, committed to conserving birds and their habitat in the Rocky Mountain West (RMW) through applied science, land stewardship and community education. He was responsible for leading the growth and expansion of Bird Conservancy’s land stewardship investments in the Intermountain West, including strong public- private partnerships across federal, state and nonprofit organizations.

Adam has over 20 years of conservation and rural development experience in the RMW and abroad. He received his PhD in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources from Colorado State University (2010) and is always interested in exploring the social dynamics that influence success in landscape-level conservation. Adam enjoys any activity that gets him and his family outside, and he is excited to bring his passion for mountain biking, backcountry snowboarding, and alpine trekking to the heart of Colorado. He is looking forward to working closely with Conservancy staff and community supporters as we begin to reshape the narrative on what a land trust can do for community conservation in central Colorado.

Central Colorado Conservancy Executive Director Adam Beh can be reached at [email protected].

Lucy Waldo
Conservation Director

Lucy Waldo

Lucy has lived in the mountains of Central Colorado since 1989. Before joining Central Colorado Conservancy in 2013, Lucy served as executive director for Gunnison Ranchland Conservation Legacy for 11 years. In the Gunnison basin she helped ranching families complete 25 conservation easements that protect nearly 10,000 acres of productive ranchland. Prior to that, Lucy was director of the Colorado Water Workshop, a western water policy conference hosted by Western State College in Gunnison.

Lucy grew up in Maryland, where her father was a dairy scientist for the U.S, Department of Agriculture and her mom was a family counselor. She left Maryland to attend Colorado State University.

“I have happy memories of working on the dairy farm in Maryland where my father worked, but I sure don’t miss the humidity!” Lucy recalls. “I was so relieved to get to Colorado.”

Lucy earned a bachelor’s degree from CSU and later returned to college to complete a master’s degree in natural resource policy. She has been working on western land and water projects ever since.

Lucy finds conservation work to be challenging and rewarding. She is always striving to keep up with changing legal requirements, tax benefits, and new funding opportunities for landowners.

“I have great respect for people who work on the land in this challenging climate,” Lucy adds. “I watch my neighbors haying and see the long hours, sweat and dedication that go into raising their beautiful high altitude hay and cattle. I do feel blessed to live in this place. And I am really lucky to work with landowners who want to protect Colorado’s land and water.”

When not working on Central Colorado Conservancy projects, Lucy enjoys riding horses, mountain biking, hiking, and cross-country skiing.

Conservation Director Lucy Waldo can be contacted at [email protected] or (970) 901-1816.

Julie Richardson
Membership and Common Cents Coordinator

Julie Richardson

Julie Richardson

Julie and her husband, John, moved to Salida in January 2013. She grew up in the Kansas City area, graduated with a degree in education from the University of Kansas, and taught grades fifth and/or sixth for more than 25 years in Kansas City.

Julie has been an active volunteer and board member with Wildwood Outdoor Education Center in LaCygne, Kan., and High Trails Outdoor Education Center, Florissant, Colo. Since 1962, Julie has worked most of her summers with High Trails Ranch/Sanborn Western Camps and The Nature Place in Florissant, Colo. She served as the assistant director of High Trails Ranch from 2000 to 2002, and full-time as director from 2003 through 2012. Julie has a strong background in education and youth development.

Julie has two children who live and work in Colorado.

Membership and Common Cents Coordinator Julie Richardson can be reached at [email protected].

Buffy Lenth
Watershed Restoration Specialist


Buffy Lenth

Buffy joins Central Colorado Conservancy as the Watershed Restoration Specialist, managing our work on the South Arkansas River near Poncha Springs, as well as additional restoration projects.

She is also project coordinator for the Salida Trail Ecological Restoration Project (STERP), a joint effort created to restore the Monarch Spur Trail to a natural habitat, where native plant and wildlife species can thrive alongside residents’ recreational use of the trail.

As the Watershed Restoration Specialist for Central Colorado Conservancy, Buffy is coordinator of the Upper Arkansas Wetland Focus Area Committee, which is a collaboration of organizations and agencies in the Upper Arkansas River watershed that focuses on riparian projects.

Buffy holds a masters degree in ecology from Colorado State University. She is a former resident of Westcliffe, where she taught high school, lived on a ranch, served as a board member of the Wet Mountain Valley Food Coop and Sustainable Ways, and helped found the Cliffs’ Park Community Garden.

She has worked as a wildlife technician for the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, the U.S. Forest Service in Steamboat Springs, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Montana on a grizzly bear study, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, and served in the Peace Corps as a conservation specialist in Mexico.

She and her husband moved to Salida in August, 2015, with their three children. Watershed Restoration Specialist Buffy Lenth can be reached at [email protected].

Zach Tucker
Director of Development & Communications 

Zach Tucker

Zach Tucker, or as his friends call him, Give Back Zach, is the new Director of Development & Communications at the Conservancy. Zach is a social entrepreneur on a lifelong mission to help make our world a better place. With a background in social impact, nonprofit relations, and marketing & branding, he is joining our team to assist in taking our brand and fundraising efforts to new heights.
After launching an LED lighting company when he graduated from film school, Zach quickly gained a deep passion for energy efficiency and environmental protection. This passion led his company to an Inc. 500 listing as the 182nd fastest growing company in America, as well as invitations for him to speak at the Paris International Climate Change Summit and the White House Summit on Climate Change.
Once Zach witnessed the positive impact a small business like his could make in the world, he created a social impact firm focused on helping businesses give back and change the world. After spending the past several years pairing countless businesses and nonprofit organizations, Zach sold his impact firm in 2019. He and wife wife Courtney recently relocated from St. Louis to Buena Vista, where Zach will focus full time on enhancing the impact and mission of the Conservancy. In his free time, Zach enjoys hiking with his wife, drinking bourbon, and listening to classic rock.

Scot Bealer
Office Manager

Scot Bealer

Scot Bealer is the Conservancy’s new office manager. Scot first came to the Arkansas River Valley in the early 80’s for camping and rafting trips while he was a biology student at the University of Colorado Boulder. While it took longer than he had hoped, he and his wife Lea returned to the valley in 2013 and have been playing in the surrounding mountains ever since.
A life-long supporter of conservation, Scot has done volunteer work for the Nature Conservancy and the Bayou Land Conservancy prior to moving here from Texas. In addition to his biology degree, Scot has an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and brings three decades of business experience into his role at the Conservancy.
Scot is also a fly fishing guide with ArkAnglers, and when he is not working in the Conservancy offices, he can generally be found chasing trout on the Arkansas River or up at one of our high lakes.
You can reach Scot at [email protected] or 719.539.7700.

Natalie Allio
Conservation Projects Manager 

Natalie has a passion for keeping working lands working!

She is sixth generation agriculture with roots deep in the soil and a pioneer spirit.  Her family headed west in the 1800s and got as far as the western frontier known as Penn’s Woods where they carved out a farm in the middle of what is now the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania.  The farm where she grew up is still in the family.  Growing up there instilled a deep love for the land that keeps her working hard to ensure future generations have the opportunity to experience a connection with the working lands that she believes are so important to human health and happiness.

Natalie’s path initially led her away from agriculture to a career in the medical field, both human and veterinary.  She holds a B.S. in Clinical Management and Leadership from George Washington University School of Health Sciences and has worked in a variety of positions in the medical field including clinical, bio tech, university and health policy.   Her work in the health care system led to a deepening curiosity about the relationship between human health, healthy food, and nature, ultimately resulting in a Master’s degree in Ecopsychology from Naropa University in Boulder, CO, followed by a certificate in Collaborative Solutions in Natural Resources from the University of Wyoming – Haub School of Environment and Natural Resources- .

Today, Natalie and her husband, along with their partners, own and operate Badger Creek Ranch.  They are dedicated to producing healthy food for our community as well as having a healthy impact on the land.  They host land health workshops, as well as other educational events, and guests from around the world as a way of connecting people with the land and emphasizing the importance of keeping working lands working!

You can reach Natalie at [email protected].