What We Do

Protecting the spirit of Central Colorado

Protecting the land and waters that sustain us.

Rocky peaks and wide open spaces. Clean water and flowing streams. Living with free-roaming wildlife. Choosing locally grown foods. Finding quiet time on trails and rivers that resets our souls. … All these provide the people of Central Colorado a connection to the natural world and a rural lifestyle that is wild and free. Our unmatched quality of life is the reason people live here, stay here and visit this region.

Preserving the rural character of Central Colorado.

However, our quality of life is not something we can take for granted. Colorado is one of the fastest-growing states because it is a top destination to live, work and play.

Anyone connected to Central Colorado knows that we enjoy the best-of-the-best. More people will desire to live here, own second homes here and visit, as the state’s population grows by 3 million people by 2050.*  Responsibly managing the associated growth is a critical challenge.

Through voluntary agreements with private landowners, Central Colorado Conservancy is working to protect the values that make Central Colorado special. Whether ranchland or farmland, wildlife habitat or headwaters, we aim to preserve the sweeping vistas and rural character of this area — now and into the future. We also care for our land and water resources through restoration and watershed health programs. And we connect the community to these causes so that we are all working together to create a legacy of conservation.

Since the early 1980s, 35% of the region’s ranchlands and farmlands have disappeared.**

Keeping scenic views.

Land is being purchased to develop subdivisions, or for water that is then diverted to Front Range cities. Protecting these land and water resources is important.  They support our traditional lifestyles, natural ecosystems, diverse economy and precious vistas.

Many areas in the Colorado Rockies have lost their sense of place. But there is an opportunity to grow differently here and to create a healthy future that preserves what makes Central Colorado special. Together, we can create a legacy of conservation that protects our land and water, forever.

* Source: State Demographer’s office 

**Source: United States Department of Agriculture Census